Field Trips


Download the pre-workshop field trip guide to Western Montana here

Download the post-workshop field trip guide here

Field Trip Setting

Bozeman lies at the complex tectonic intersection of three major North American Phanerozoic tectonic provinces—the Sevier fold-thrust belt, Laramide province, and Basin and Range. These provinces overlap Precambrian basement, including the Mesoproterozoic Belt Basin and a Paleoproterozoic collisional suture zone involving Archean cratons. The pre-conference field trip will investigate outcrop to mountain-scale exposures of the fold-thrust belt structures in the Northern Rocky Mountains in and around Glacier National Park, including the Sawtooth imbricate belt south of Glacier NP. The post-conference field trip will focus on the world-class volcano-tectonic geology of Yellowstone National Park and the overlap of Basin and Range extension with the Laramide and fold-thrust provinces of western Wyoming near Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park. Topics covered in these field trips will be diverse, ranging from Precambrian-Phanerozoic tectonic evolution of the Central and Northern U.S. Rockies, to Pleistocene glaciations and mega outburst floods.